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Preparation Guidelines to Celebrate a Wedding in our Parish

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First Consideration: Are you a member of St. Mary Magdalen?

If you are not a registered member of St. Mary Magdalen Church, It is necessary to obtain permission from the parish that you currently attend to get married at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church.

Second Consideration: What is the tentative date of the marriage?

A tentative date may be set as early as the first contact with St. Mary Magdalen. A tentative date only guarantees the time and date of wedding so that no one else will be able to select that time and date. The tentative date does not, however, guarantee the actual celebration of the marriage. Confirmation of the wedding ceremony takes place after the reception of the documents required to demonstrate readiness and freedom to marry; and, the marriage preparation program has been agreed upon.

Marriages should be scheduled six months in advance of the tentative date of the wedding.

Third Consideration: What do I need to do to prepare for the wedding?

Obtain a copy of our Parish Wedding Guidelines. It has very detailed information about wedding preparation. Phone, fax, or e-mail your wedding plans.

After reading our Parish Wedding Guidelines, if you live locally, call the parish to set an appoint
to discuss your wedding plans with Father Honold, the Pastor. If you do not live in the
locally, phone, fax, or e-mail your wedding plans..

Do I need a Florida Marriage License?

Yes. Without a Florida Marriage License, a priest or deacon can not legally witness a wedding in the State of Florida. A couple should not have their marriage witnessed by a notary or a Judge. (If you are already married in a civil ceremony and now wish to have your civil marriage convalidated by the Catholic Church, you must submit your civil marriage certificate to the priest preparing your marriage.)

Can you prepare us for marriage if we will be married elsewhere?

Yes. For further information, please phone, fax or e-mail us.