Sacraments - Infant Baptism

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How much does a Baptism cost?

There is no charge for a baptism. It is customary, however, to give a gift to the Church. Generally, the donations are between $50 and $100, with the average being around $75. The donation is for the upkeep of the church. If you cannot afford a donation, do not be anxious. It is a voluntary contribution.

God and the church have not been very important in our lives, but we still want to have our child baptized. Is that OK?

Yes. But you must understand that baptism is not a magical event. It will fall to you as parents to continue the process of initiating your child into faith. Baptism is often an event that brings families back into contact with their religious roots.

What if my child is not an infant?

Depending on the age of the child, it will be necessary to give some instruction about baptism so that the child will understand what is happening.

If I am an unmarried mother, can I have my baby baptized?

Yes! It is not necessary to have been married in the Catholic Church. The Church makes no judgment on you or your child. You are both welcome in the eyes of God. We simply want to be assured of your commitment to your child's raised as a Catholic.

If my husband and I were only married in a civil ceremony, can I have our baby baptized?

Yes, as long as you are committed to have your child raised as Catholic. Perhaps, this is a time to consider a Catholic marriage. The priest can give you advice on how to overcome obstacles that have delayed your Catholic marriage.

If I am divorced or separated from my spouse, can I have my baby baptized?

Yes! It is necessary, however, to ensure that each parent's rights are respected. When one parent has legal custody, that parent determines the religious affiliation of the child. Where the court has granted joint custody, there must be mutual written agreement that both parents wish to have the child baptized and that the child will be raised Catholic. If the court has not determined legal custody, it is necessary to provide a written agreement that both parents wish to have the child baptized and that the child will be raised as a Catholic.

If one of the parents is not Catholic, can I have my baby baptized?

Yes! As long as the non-Catholic parent agrees to have the child baptized and raised as a Catholic. We will make every effort to ensure that the non-Catholic parent will feel welcome at the baptism. If for some personal reason, the non-Catholic parent does not want to participate in the baptismal ceremony, we will respect that parent's wishes.

What if I have other questions or have a special situation or request?

When you meet with Father Kirlin, ask him your questions. He will provide you with any additional information that you need to have your child baptized.


Loving God, you given me this child. On this baptism day, help me to encourage my child's faith. Help me to foster faith, growth and responsibility in my child. Help me to teach, to love, to value, to honor our child. But most of all, Lord, help me always to remember that our child comes from your love. Amen.