Sacraments - Infant Baptism

Children Eligible for Baptism

Children who have, at least, one parent who is a formally registered and practicing member of St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church may be baptized in our parish church. (Children whose parents do not live within the parish boundaries must obtain permission from the Catholic Church where they are currently registered.)

Godparents and Christian Witnesses

Godparents are more than just special friends or relatives of the child to be baptized. Godparents stand as representative of the Catholic community and act as a special witness to the child of what it means to be a good Catholic.

To be a godparent, a person must be:

  1. A baptized Catholic who has received the sacraments of Confirmation and holy Communion and is practicing the Catholic faith.
  2. Mature enough to undertake the responsibility.
  3. A member of the Catholic Church canonically free to carry out this responsibility. (Catholics currently living in a marriage not considered valid by the Catholic Church or cohabitating are excluded from being a godparent.)
  4. Someone other than the father or mother, spouse or fiancÚ of the one who is to be baptized.

A validly baptized and believing Christian from a separated church may act as a Christian Witness so long as there is also a Catholic Godparent. A non-baptized person may never act as a Godparent or Christian witness.

If a godparent is unable to attend the baptismal ceremony, it is possible to have a "proxy". A proxy is a stand-in at the ceremony when the designated godparent can not be present. The designated godparent will be noted in the official record of the parish.

Godparents must provide a letter from the Church that they attend stating they are eligible to act as a godparent.

Special Baptismal Preparation Class For Parents and Godparents

After the date for baptism has been confirmed by Father Kirlin, parents will schedule to attend a personal family baptismal preparation class for parents and godparents and Christian Witnesses who live in the area. Children are welcome. Baptismal preparation are approximately 45 to 1 hour long and are scheduled at a mutually convenient time for both the family and Fr. Kirlin. Baptismal preparation classes should be schedule no later than one week before baptism. Godparents who do not live in area should attend class at their own parish church.