Sponsorship Program

Through the Website Sponsorship Program, you can help us maintain our parish website and support our Church “St. Mary Magdalen” while we help you promote your business.

How it Works

  • Our web site team will design, upon request, a banner for each sponsor. The banner will contain information about your business or organization. Sponsors may provide their own artwork.
  • There will be a total of 8 sponsors in the program.
  • Banners will be published every other week on the first page of the web site (Weekly News) and within the email letter.
  • There will be a permanent "Our Sponsors" page where all banners will be published.
  • Banners may be hyperlinked to any of your:
    • Company website
    • Email address
    • Facebook Page
    • Instagram Page
    • Twitter Page
  • All sponsors and banners must be approved by the church prior to be published.

More information coming soon!