News and Schedules - Mass Intentions

May, Wednesday

8:00 am

+ John Balogh By His Wife, Heidi Balogh
-- For the Health of William Arango By His Mother, Grace
+ Raul Cortes on His 12th Anniversary By His Wife, Ethel Cortes

May, Thursday

8:00 am

+ Emilia Humet By Margarita Crespi
+ Adriana Atencio By Her Son, Luis D’Agostino
+ Zenaida A. Garcia By Gerardo & Emma Garcia & Children

May, Friday

8:00 am

-- Cecilia Berrio & Family-Special Intention By Esperanza Berrio
-- Marta Berrio & Family– Special Intention By Esperanza Berrio
+ Celso Garcia Senior By Gerardo & Emma Garcia & Children

May, Saturday

8:00 am

+ Alberto Ochoa By His Family
+ Juliana Quiroga By Her Family
+ Virginia Pardo By Her Family

6:00 pm

+ Mary Ellen Feldman By Her Family
+ Jerzy Kacprzynski By Gregory Zarzycki
-- In Thanksgiving to the Virgin Mary By Norma Guerra

May, Sunday

9:00 am

+ Maria Marino By Gregory Zarzycki
+ Ann Corcoran By Tommy Norton
-- Mariana Olave - Special Intention By Her Mom, Edna

11:00 am

+ Todd Rosbash By The Society of St Vincent De Paul
+ Janet Visconte By Tommy Norton
+ Gerardo Amador Rueda By Nubia Ardila

1:00 pm

-- Roberto J. Paredes on His Birthday By His Mother, Maria E. Quintero
+ Nancy Gelvez Padilla By Her Daughter, Marisol Peralta
+ Marina de Molano By Alvaro, Nancy, Sebas & Diana

May, Monday

8:00 am

-- Joseph M. Kirlin - Special Intention By Fr. Kirlin
-- Sandra Molina-Special Intention By Her Friend, Claudia
+ Ana Maria Basas-Mariño de Hernandez By Dianne Raulson

May, Tuesday


+ Blanca Castañeda on Her 2dn Anniversary By Her Son, Augusto Aponte
+ Ivan Giler By The Giler Family
-- Luzdary Berrio on Her Birthday By Esperanza Berrio

May, Wednesday

8:00 am

+ Robert J. Farley By Donald & Charlotte Ruddy
+ Guadalupe Urdaneta By Her Daughter, Guadalupe

May, Thursday

8:00 am

+ Andrzej Hauck By Gregory Zarzycki

June, Friday

8:00 am

+ Oliver Creighton By Mayane Miquilena

June, Saturday

8:00 am

+ Luz Alvarez By Her Family
+ Anita Jaramillo By Her Family
+ Wilson Gutierrez By Friend, Morella