Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Announcements from our bulletin of July 22, 2018

In the year 1884, the National Collection for the Black and Indian Mission began, and has served the Church ever since. Last year the Collection assisted tremendously in promoting evangelization with the Black and Native American communities. Each year by contributing to the Collection there is a real opportunity for Catholics to participate in evangelization programs.

Please be as generous as possible to this collection.

Preparation for First Communion Grades 1 - 12 and Confirmation

Information and Registration Forms

Religious Registrations Forms for First Communion and Confirmation for children and young adults in grades 1 through 12 are available this weekend in the Church by the side door, near the Tree of Life, and also at the Parish Office during Office Hours.

Registration in Parish Hall

  • Sunday, August 19th: 12:00 PM TO 4:00 PM
  • Monday, August 20th: 5:00 PM TO 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday, August 21st: 5:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Bring to Registration

  • Baptism Certificate (Copy)
  • Completed Registration form (we can help you, if you need it)
  • Registration Fee (can be paid in full or by installments)

All Children and Young Adults should be Registered Prior to the First Day of Class.

The First Day of Class is September 10, 2018

All children that finished 1st year Communion or Confirmation, need to register again for 2nd year Communion or Confirmation.

*Confirmation: The First Day of Class is October 9, 2018.

We need volunteers who wish to share their knowledge with children or young adults as teachers on Monday or Tuesday in the afternoon.

As a volunteer we will give you enough information so you feel comfortable doing your work. For more information, call Rectory Office.

Provides Catholic religious formation in English and Spanish to adults who wish to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation. This class is for non-baptized adults, baptized adults who wish to be received into the Catholic Church and Catholic adults who have not received either their 1st Communion or Confirmation. Further information and registration forms are available this weekend by the side door of the Church, near the Tree of Life and in the Parish Office.

First Meeting from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Rectory on:

  • Monday, October 8th (English)
  • Tuesday, October 9th (Spanish)

Complete the registration form and return to the parish office as soon as possible. For further information, please contact us.

  • Social Media
  • Planned Giving
  • Stewardship

Charity may be a very short word, but with its tremendous meaning of pure love, it sums up man's entire relation to God and to his neighbor. -- St Aelred of Rievaulx

Read the many you can make a gift to the Archdiocese of Miami,

There are many ways you can give a gift to St. Mary Magdalen Church spend nothing during your lifetime, and actually provide more for your heirs.

Contact the rectory or call the Office of Planned Giving at (305) 762- 1110 for information.

“Give and it shall be given to you. Good measure pressed down, shaken together, running over, will they pour into the fold of your garment. For the measure you measure with will be measured back to you.” (Luke 6:38)

The American Revolution cleared the way for freedom of religion in the former colonies, since the colonies had always been a more religiously tolerant place than the old country. Even so, colonial laws restricted the practice of the Catholic faith, and just as in England, Americans who desired to be priests or nuns had to go to the Netherlands or France. As political storm clouds gathered in France, an American woman, Mother Bernardina Matthews, the prioress of the Hoogstraeten Carmel in Holland, made a brave move.

With two other American nuns, her nieces, and a Dutch sister, she came to Port Tobacco, Maryland, in 1790. Within twenty years the community had grown to twenty, although by 1823 their farm failed and they had to move to Baltimore and open a school. The Carmelite order requires contemplation and cloister, so in time the school was closed. The Port Tobacco land had long since been sold, but in 1976 a community of nuns was able to return thanks to loyal neighbors who had worked for forty years for their restoration. Today, our original American convent is fully alive in prayer, hard work, and strong community.

Being chosen as a godparent for baptism is an honor, for the godparent traditionally becomes a spiritual companion to the one being baptized in a journey of faith.

Please decide if your faith life makes you ready to publicly pledge that you have been leading a life in harmony with the Catholic tradition. Godparents should be both role models and resource persons, individuals who are at ease with the practice of their faith and would normally be considered as “active Catholics.” They should be people who are comfortable with answering questions about their personal relationship with God as experienced in the Catholic Communion, even if they are unsure of all the technicalities.

Godparents should be people who are interested in and will continue to spiritually support the “godchild” in the years ahead.

Catholic Church Requirements - To be a godparent, a person must be:

  1. A baptized Catholic who has received the sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion and is practicing the Catholic faith.
  2. Mature enough to undertake the responsibility.
  3. A member of the Catholic Church canonically free to carry out this responsibility. If a person is married, the marriage must have been a Catholic marriage, not just a civil marriage. Catholics currently living in a marriage not considered valid by the Catholic Church or cohabitating are excluded from being a Godparent.
  4. Someone other than the father or mother, spouse or fiancÚ of the one who is to be baptized.
* In order to be a Godparent/Sponsor St. Mary Magdalen Church requires that the person be registered member of our parish at least 6 months previous to the date of the Baptism.

We need Ushers for 6:00 PM Mass Saturday Evenings.

Please prayerfully consider making a commitment to this vital ministry.

Call our Parish for details at (305) 931-0600.