Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Announcements from our bulletin of January 24, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Sunday's gospel like the readings from last Sunday focus on God calling us to follow Him. And this call manifests itself in different ways. Normally we associate “ The Call” with a vocation in life such as the priesthood and the religious life. Or we may associate it with a vocation to be married or single.

But God calls us first to love Him with all our heart soul and mind and our neighbor as ourselves. That is the first and essential call to all of us. The second is the call to a vocation or how we express that call.

But in everyday terms God's call also manifests itself in WHAT we do to love God and our neighbor. In our local churches we express that love by supporting our places of worship.

And so, every year our diocese asks us to express that love by inviting all local churches to support other entities in the archdiocese such as our local seminary, Respect Life ministry and other ministries in the archdiocese who are in need of our financial support.

So this weekend we gaze outward to such ministries. I invite you to look to the needs of our neighbors in the diocese by prayerfully considering a pledge to the Archbishops Charities Drive. This weekend is our opportunity to respond to God's call to love our neighbor as we love God and ourselves.

Our goal for St Mary Magdalen Church this year is $70, let us think of all those who will benefit from the little all of us can give in our pledges.

May God Bless you all,

Fr. Damian

January 23 - 24

Together We are the Church.

The time is now. When our world is shaken by fear, anxiety or despair, the Church while not “of the world” must be “in the world” to witness God's love. By faith and baptism, we are incorporated into the Body of Christ: we are the Church. Uniting as Disciples in Faith and Missionaries of Hope, we can serve those most in need by bringing Christ to them wherever they are.

This weekend is ABCD Commitment Weekend. The Love of Christ urges on no matter what challenges may come our way. Together, as One in Faith, One in Hope and One in Charity, please open your hearts to those we serve through the ABCD and make a gift of hope today. Thank you and God bless you!

#GIVECATHOLIC | | Please make a gift now!

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Social Media-Planned Giving-Stewardship

Your generosity will allow our Catholic community to continue the many vital programs and services that touch the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ who need your assistance.

Visit to make a gift now!

How long has it been since you updated your will? Does it still express your wishes? Does it leave a gift to your church to carry on its ministry after your death? Please contact the Office of Planned Giving to learn more, (305) 762-1112.

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”- Mark 1:17

Jesus' call to “Follow me” is a call to all Christians! The call is in the here and now, in our present circumstances, not when we think we are “ready” or have everything in order. Good stewardship of our God-given gifts means that things aren't always going to go according to our schedule and that God has a much better plan in store for each of us.

Standing together in the presence of the Lord, we acknowledge our weakness, our sins and faults and failings. But the penitential rite is really less about our sins than it is about God's mercy. It is not a time for individual confession, like a mini-sacrament of reconciliation. It is, rather, a preparatory rite, preparing us to praise the mercy of Christ as we acknowledge our own weakness. When Simon Peter witnesses the miraculous catch of fish-when he realizes who is in the boat with him-he falls at Jesus' feet with the words, “Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man” (Luke 5:8).

We are like Peter. The more aware of the Lord's presence we become, the more awareness we also have of our sinfulness, our weakness. The penitential rite of the Mass takes several forms, from the traditional Confiteor or “I confess” to a litany, spoken or sung by the deacon or cantor with responses by the entire assembly. The penitential rite always includes the words Kyrie, eleison; Christe, eleison-Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy. This ancient Greek prayer came to the Roman liturgy from the East, and still echoes in many of the litanies of the Eastern Rite Churches. These words turn our gaze from our own weakness to the gentleness, the kindness, the forgiving love of Christ.

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Being chosen as a godparent for baptism is an honor, for the godparent traditionally becomes a spiritual companion to the one being baptized in a journey of faith.

Please decide if your faith life makes you ready to publicly pledge that you have been leading a life in harmony with the Catholic tradition. Godparents should be both role models and resource persons, individuals who are at ease with the practice of their faith and would normally be considered as "active Catholics." They should be people who are comfortable with answering questions about their personal relationship with God as experienced in the Catholic Communion, even if they are unsure of all the technicalities. Godparents should be people who are interested in and will continue to spiritually support the "godchild" in the years ahead.

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